Madam Life

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The second album from LiTTLe MACHiNe contains settings of:

‘Madam Life’s A Piece In Bloom’ (W.E.Henley 1848-1903)
‘Adam Lay Y’Bounden (Anon 14th Century AD)
‘The Moon and Pleiades’ (Sappho 6th Century BC)
‘Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night’ (Dylan Thomas 1914-1953)
‘A Hymn to God the Father’ (John Donne 1572-1631)
‘Bright Star’
(John Keats 1795 – 1821)
‘The Rain It Raineth Everyday’ (William Shakespeare 1564-1616)
‘The Dug-out’ (Siegfried Sassoon 1886-1967)
‘Anthem For Doomed Youth’
(Wilfred Owen 1893-1918)
‘This Be The Verse’
/’High Windows’ (Philip Larkin 1922-1985)
‘Blue Remembered Hills’ (A. E. Housman 1859-1936)
‘Fear No More The Heat Of The Sun’ (William Shakespeare 1564-1616)
‘So We'll Go No More a Roving’ (Lord Byron 1788-1824).